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Do Questions Create?


Do Questions Create?

Mon. 9 Sep 2019  |  Nurturing You

Do Questions Create?

I’m not being creative these days

Yup, I heard myself say that today.
Now that’s pretty funny coming from me,
Uber creator of my world,
Playing with so many ideas I can’t remember them 10 seconds later and yet
The truth is…
That’s the thought that wafted through my mind.

What’s this all about? I asked myself.
Who does that belong to?
You may have noticed I love asking questions!
It’s how I change everything.

So what was the gift of asking
What’s the value of me not believing I’m being creative?

It gave me the awareness
that in the last few days I had bought a certain busyness that had nothing to do with nourishing me.

So what did I do?
I stopped and baked an apple crisp.
The peeling of the apples and the mixture of spices, raisins, sugar, butter, and oats turned my senses on, quieted my monkey mind, and gave me a greater sense of acknowledgment with what I am creating with my future: the projects I am working on, the books I am writing, the clients I am meeting with next week.

So now it’s your turn…
When something feels crunchy or isn’t going your way,
Don’t go into judgment of you – stop and ask a question.

You just may find deeper parts of what you are creating come forth,
and it definitely makes it possible for you to create anew.

With loads of love
Susan XO

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