How many times growing up were you told that you don’t know? 

Great examples are:  You can’t possibly know this, prove it to me, who told you that? and how did you know that?  

Well, here’s the truth: 

Deep down inside at your very core, didn’t you always know that you knew?  

So you brilliantly learned to hide how and what you knew so you wouldn’t be punished for knowing too much? 

How many of us, even today, still have that internal voice playing in our head filled with doubt.  

Think of those doubts as psychological seeds planted when we were very young. 

Seeds that were nurtured as real and true in order to survive  the environment you grew up in.  

So how do you, as an adult, begin to trust what you know to be true for you? How can you begin trusting your inner knowing – your gut level knowing?

Here’s the how;

When what you are aware of expands your universe , when you feel like your awareness comes from deep within, when you get that AHA moment, that’s when  you know you’re in your knowing, you’re in your zone of what else is possible – that’s how you know you’re on the right track!

When you’re not connecting with that internal authentic voice, when you’re judging what you’ve created and letting that stop you, you’re negating what you know to be true for you. 

You are out of your zone of possibilities. 

Take an aerial view

Here’s something for you to play with-

Take an aerial view of what you’re creating and how you’re creating .

Put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and tap in to who you be

Are you getting a sense of appreciation and acknowledgement for what you know to be true for you? 

As you learn to lean into what you truly know you’ll begin to discover that space of appreciation that’s always been there for you, waiting for you to tap in.

  • Put your hand on your heart 
  • Close your eyes 
  • Tap in 
  • Take a deep breath 

What do you know that’s true for you?  

Are you willing to say,  

Yes, I’m having this now. 

I’m having what I know to be true for me. 

Here’s what I know for sure:

We create our own realities.  

Nobody else creates this reality for us.  

Can you tap in and ask that Infinite Being (you) who chose this body in this lifetime on this planet right now to assist you in creating what actually creates greater for you for who you came here to be?

Whatever you’re creating as real and true, that’s your reality.  

Can you shift and change it? Absolutely.  

Can you expand it? Absolutely.  

If you have any questions on tapping into your knowing pop them in the comments below.

Or if you prefer, reach out to me.

I’m always here for you. 

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Until we meet here again, live boldly, love greatly and be that fearless leader you came here to be, because the world needs more of you and that special sauce and what you know to be true for you.

Susan Lazar Hart