Fitting in or Creating Beyond this Reality - What’s your Priority? | Susan Lazar Hart

Fitting in or Creating Beyond this Reality – What’s your Priority?


Fitting in or Creating Beyond this Reality – What’s your Priority?

Mon. 9 Mar 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you ever tried to fit in:

* to someone’s life;
* to someone’s success;
* to someone’s relationship;
* to your family;
* to your boss’s demands that you act like everyone else;
* to this reality?

Yesterday a comment came in on Ask Susan I was given permission to share it with you:

And sometimes I wonder… what is fitting in? ?If you agree, then they resist?. If you don’t agree, they get mad?. A lot of times no matter what you do or say there’s a? gaslighting …..Susan, what questions can I ask?

Gaslighting is an abusive tactic aimed to make a person doubt their own thoughts and feelings. … They may rely on their abuser to tell them if their memory is correct or if their emotions are “reasonable.” The abuser uses this trust to gain control over their target.

The truth is you can’t create from someone else’s judgment of who, what, how, where you should fit in so it matches their reality.

Whether it’s gaslighting, power tripping, overt abusive behavior – once you have that awareness, you have it for life.

Making any of what someone says about you or to you significant is the unique way many of you have been taught to squelch all your creative juices and hide your reason for being here.

MY question for you would be:

Is now the time to step away, pivot and create the life that creates with you?

Here are 3 questions to discover more of you with;

If I weren’t buying any of this as real or true:

1 – who would I be?

2 – what would I be doing?

3 – what creations could I be playing with?

Write down whatever responses pop for you, no matter how many, no matter how far from this reality they seem.

Don’t analyze, just write free form.

Now ask:
Which one of these pops as my first priority and what would it take?

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