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Free Resources

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Congruency Quickies

The Relationship Series

Uncover the first of 6 Myths that keep you from having a juicy joyous relationship with yourself.

Myth #1 – The Expectation Myth

Myth # 2 – The Sacrifice Myth

Myth #3 – The Clone Myth

Myth #4 – The One True Person Myth

Myth #5 – The Compromise Myth

Myth #6 – The Selfish Myth

Your Relationship with Money: Myth, Magic, or Beyond this Reality

Decoding Your Relationship With Money

Money Myth #1 – What Does Money Mean To You?

Money Myth #2 – Where are you exchanging for money?

Money Myth #3 – The vibrations of money – what are they for you?

Money Myth #4 – What happens when you make money your goal?

Money Myth #5 – Kindness with Money

Money Myth #6 – Aligning the Energies of Money

Money Myth #7 – Are you letting your emotions run your money?

Money Myth #8 – Congruent Living, Congruent Money Flows