Has this ever happened to you?

You see something that you’ve desired for a long time desire or if you’re like me,
an idea pops into your head,
it’s shiny and bright and you go for it
Until you don’t
Cause it doesn’t actually work for you anymore

And ten seconds later life is showing you other possibilities.
Offering you a different awareness
with what you’ve been asking to create
that feels lighter.

And your mind says
Oh, but you really really wanted to do that, you should continue
And you say,
Oh ya, I really, really wanted that!

As a result, the more you stick with it, the more you distance yourself from what you truly desire to be and do, and what brings you joy.
*It’s really not a good match for you now
*It might have been a step you needed to understand what really resonated for you this time
*It might have been the answer you were looking for to solve all your problems in whatever you were asking to create
*There are others out there who don’t want you to give up
*There are people with their reasons for you to stay where you are because it serves their purpose

But what about you?

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to change your mind, change it up or simply let go of the parts that aren’t working for you?

If what you’re working on or who you’re working with is not working for you, ask a few questions
Is what I am choosing serving me serving me like I thought it would?
Is this struggle mine or someone else’s?’
What else am I aware of here?
What can I choose that would change this?

That’s what evolution is!

Evolution is continuing to have awareness and learning to choose for you.

Thus, here’s the next piece:

Extend appreciation to yourself!

Appreciation for what was chosen:

  • What it taught you
  • How it did serve you
  • Your next best step

The truth is:
All you have to do is be born, love life, love yourself, and choose what creates greater for all with harm to none.

Yup, that’s it
You get to choose
And chose again


Remember this:
When it feels like you’re struggling you just need to know you’re working against your greater self:

What to do?
Take a deep breathe, Get very present, exhale any judgements and give this a go:

Right here, right now, all that’s going on is I’ve come to more than what I’ve been willing to let myself experience.

Today, I am open to the possibilities that await me. My inner strength comes from my openness to evolving.

That’s more aligned with who you truly be and what you came here to be and do.

Your life is too precious to waste on buying into frustration and struggle.
Here’s to your new joy filled, empowered life!

Big hugs,

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