Have You Included You in What You Want to Pursue? | Susan Lazar Hart

Have You Included You in What You Want to Pursue?


Have You Included You in What You Want to Pursue?

Wed. 4 Nov 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you included you in what you want to pursue

It often seems that, just when we think we’re moving forward with what we desire, an idea, thought or person shows up to challenge our commitment to what we’re asking to create.

Our trigger points of self-doubt and reaction are tugged into action.

We find ourselves following someone else’s path; one that suddenly seems more successful, more joyful, and more fulfilling.

Only it isn’t.

It’s just a state of FOMO we’ve been caught up in and it’s exhausting.

FOMO = fear of missing out.

I recently worked with a client, Rachel, who had given up on her special way of creating because it didn’t look like anything else that was out there.

Afraid she was going to miss out on the information she required, she became a serial class taker, constantly copying what others were doing and putting out in the world.

This drained both her finances and sense of self-worth.

It was only after I asked her to step away and take an aerial view of what and how she was creating did she realize she had forgotten to include her unique way of being in the world.

The truth is very few of us have been taught to include ourselves in what we’re creating.

It’s what I call being present.

And it begins with these questions

Is what I’m creating including me?

It’s so important to ask this question.

Otherwise you end up chasing someone else’s dreams, pursuing someone else’s life.

And that’s not what you came here to be and do. There is no one else like you. Everyone else is taken.

Does this bring me joy?

Keep a journal. Have a ton of sticky notes around. Write down whatever brings you joy, whatever pops into your head that brings you joy. Ask it to tell you when the time is right to create with it.

The more you disengage from other people’s patterns, the more presence you invite into your life

What am I grateful for right now?

Take a moment to check in with yourself and identify the moment you’re in.

What am I committing to?

Write it down- everything you’re committing to.

Now ask the questions I’ve just given you. You’ll be amazed at what awareness’s pop up for you!

Rachel soon became aware of the value of what she had to offer.

She stopped chasing all those shiny bright objects and started to create daily positive habits that lead to a new way of being with her path to success. She’s now coaching others who have their own special way of learning and living a joy filled and fulfilling life.

It’s November, a month of presence at Congruent Living Coaching: A time to take an aerial view on what you’re creating.

Are you finding it difficult to be present with what you are asking to create?

As the creator of Congruent Living Coaching, I’m the person you come to when you desire clarity on what you want to create next and how you want to create it.

Let’s chat and discover what reality you’ve been committing to pursue that actually doesn’t contribute to you showing up as your special sauce

Together we’ll explore what’s really stopping you.