How Are You Defining What You Do? | Susan Lazar Hart

How Are You Defining What You Do?


How Are You Defining What You Do?

Mon. 24 Aug 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you ever been asked to define what you do?
People keep asking me:
What is Congruent living?
Allow me to simplify.
Congruent Living is a way of being where each cell vibrates in alignment with a thought, action, feeling and/or creation.

Congruent Living is being part of the harmony of life on planet Earth.

Congruent Living is you and me, infinitesimal particles of contribution in the waves of particles constantly in movement in, around, under, and through the planet.

Congruent Living is all parts of your life working together.
Congruent Living is living in harmony with what you came here to be and do.

Yesterday, I chanced upon a photographer snapping pics of a gorgeous garden in full bloom.
Naturally, I had to stop and chat with her, ask if this was her garden (it wasn’t) and acknowledged the joy it brought me every day on my morning walks (turns out she was the gardener).

As I turned to leave she asked me:
What do you do?
And without skipping a beat I responded:
I’m an intuitive congruency expert.
What’s that?
I coach creatives and seekers looking to live a more joy-filled and fulfilling life.

I always thought it would be difficult to chunk down what I do into one bite-sized sentence.
So much going on in my head, so many things to try out and investigate.

Here’s what I’ve discovered over the last 20 years of working intuitively with clients around the world.
When I’m talking to what someone can hear, what comes out is clear and heartfelt with an invitation for them to choose greater: be it in thought, action or desire.

That’s also a definition of Congruent Living: Vibrational heart-centered connections from who you truly be to what you came here to be and do.

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