How to Tell if You’re Self Sabotaging Your Life to Please Others

You’ve worked hard, seen incredible growth and made amazing progress in your life… and then you stop and let it all go!

Sound familiar? You’re probably wondering – why would I sabotage my life? And why in the world would I do it to please others?

When we grow, evolve and work on improving ourselves, changing any negative behaviors – all that progress and healing changes us! In a good way! We become more aware of ourselves. We’re more present, recognizing and understanding what it is we want – and what we don’t want.

It’s a beautifully empowering and evolving journey that creates positive, personal changes, whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

But as we know, not everyone likes change!

That leads me to this week’s question. It’s about those “triggering” friends and relatives and how to handle them when they aren’t accepting – or even happy about our growth.

I’m sure many of us can relate to that. How we work so hard, making positive shifts and changes in our lives – but at the same time, feel like we’re losing common ground with some of our friends and family. It may even seem as if they refuse to acknowledge or are even interested in discussing the wonderful progress we’ve made. They just don’t seem to get it!

But then, these frustrations – and essential feelings of loss – can lead us to questioning all our hard work. Whether it was worth it or not. Possibly even making us feel guilty, as if we’re abandoning our family and friends.

It was something I experienced when I started transformational and motivational self education. After 20 amazing years as a proud painter, with my own studio working with galleries and clients who wanted to purchase my prints, paintings and other work, I discovered I had heavy metal poisoning! It forced me to re-evaluate my body, health, mind… and a career I loved!

Self Healing Strategies

That’s when I began practicing self healing strategies. Learning about the energy that is within our own bodies and what we can create with hands-on healing. Uncovering the power that being present with our own bodies offered. Asking my body what it desired… and listening. Contributing and receiving from the Universe!

Being aware of how nature, the food I ate and the people I chose to be with were affecting me and the energy around me.

Seeing the amazing results of my self-healing strategies led me to sharing my experiences. I just knew – I had to teach it! I traveled the world, facilitating classes and practicing energetic body healing.

But then I would return home and realize that the people around me didn’t even care about what I was doing – or why! Of course they asked HOW I was doing, curious about what my doctor was prescribing. But as soon as I mentioned how great I felt – and that it was a result of my own self healing practices, they weren’t interested.

The younger me would have started second guessing and doubting myself. Possibly even stopping me from what I was doing. Sending me back and undoing all that progress. That’s subconscious self sabotage!

It’s that desire and need to receive acknowledgement and understanding of what we do and say from those we love. Recognition from them that we’ve done well. That they see and accept our progress, changes and growth. And we trust that they just want what’s best for us.

The truth is, when those around us feel WE are changing, they fear losing us. It also forces them to look inward at their own weaknesses. Feeling the discomfort of recognizing their own issues and insecurities. That can lead to jealousy and destructive comments and actions towards us.

Be Your Own Caretaker

That’s why we need to be our own caretaker! We need to be present with ourselves. To be honest and open, recognizing if and when we either need to build on – or make changes in our lives. To be kind and patient with ourselves. Confidently trusting that WE are the one who knows what’s best for us!

Embrace your life! Appreciate all your beautiful qualities and achievements. Be forgiving and accept any PERCEIVED failures we feel we’ve had – as lessons in life. No one is perfect – So why would we expect that for ourselves.

Pay less attention to what other people say, do or think. Push back and remind yourself that you can’t control others. This is YOUR life – not theirs!

That’s when I’ll remind myself, that “What people say about me is not my business! I’m in the business of being me!”

So, ask yourself, are you subconsciously sabotaging your life?

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Focus on taking care of yourself and doing what makes your soul soar – because the world needs more of you!

Live boldly, love greatly!

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