Is Being Present Something We Can Learn? | Susan Lazar Hart

Is Being Present Something We Can Learn?


Is Being Present Something We Can Learn?

Sat. 31 Oct 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

being present

Have you ever wondered what being present is all about?

We’re living in a crazy world of distractions right now. If you’re experiencing anxiety, anger, fear or a sense of confusion, you’re not alone.

I recently worked with a client, Mary, who came to me because she had a terribly difficult time focusing on creating a joy-filled life.

Every choice that came along was so enticing that she found herself taking a myriad of classes, investing in unsuccessful relationships and getting nowhere fast.

Chasing her dreams of what could be, while trying to catch up with all the bright shiny objects that were attracting her, left her not only doubting herself, but also left her grasping the possibility of creating a self-empowered life.

She felt drained and overwhelmed.

How do we stay present when it feels like we’re constantly dealing with an emotional tug of war?

After we explored her true priorities. She learned to create specific strategies that eliminated the energetic tugs that had nothing to do with what she was asking to create.

With that awareness, Mary began to honour her time with herself by being present and acknowledging what truly brought her joy. She incorporated a quiet morning walk into her day, where she could reflect without judgement, on the future she was creating and what her next best step could be.

She learned to take a moment and breathe in her new successes and grow from there., instead of reacting to whatever was being presented to her,

No more doubt or feeling like she had to keep starting over again and over again.

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

It’s all about presence and being present in the way you show up for you.

Are you finding it difficult to be present with what you are asking to create?

As the creator of Congruent Living Coaching, I’m the person you come to when you desire clarity on what you want to create next and how you want to create it.

Let’s chat and discover what reality you’ve been committing to that actually doesn’t contribute to you to showing up successfully in the life you’re asking to create.

Together we’ll explore what’s really stopping you.