Is your story working for you?

Congruency is all about living in harmony. It’s about finding that space where everything that you’re doing, being, having and actually has that same kind of hum to it.

So that there’s just more to life for you, for what you’re creating and for what you’re seeking.

One of the things I’ve become aware of is stories. People come to me with their stories, publish their stories, hold onto their stories.

My question is, how’s your story working for you?

When we hold on to our story, no matter what it is, we hold onto something that actually isn’t creating anything with our future.

This month, we’re all about change and shift. As a result, we’re all about creating with our futures.

So, if you’re holding onto a story of who you were, what someone said about you, what you’ve always believed was real, then you end up looking for proof to make sure that you’re right about your story.
Instead of telling the universe, “Hey, I’d love to change this”, or, “I wonder what story I can create today”, we end up looking for the energies that match the story that we’re holding on to.

Are you willing to let go?

My challenge for you today is, are you willing to let go of the story that you’ve been holding on to?

What if every day was fresh, and you could actually create with a brand new page, a different chapter of you on this planet?
What could that look like?

Take a reading

Just for today, take a reading of the story you’ve been telling yourself, the story you’ve been telling others.

Is it working for you?
Is it matching the vibrations of what you’re truly asking for?

The truth is, we all get a story written about us at some point… it’s called an obituary!

Instead of being authors of our own unhappiness, we get to shape the future of our lives.

We get to choose what goes on our page and what shapes our reality every day.

Our lives are all about which stories to listen to, that inspire and lift up not only ourselves but those around us as well.

In conclusion, the next time you’re protecting or resisting the story of your life remember to ask yourself:

What do I want my story to be?

Then get up, get going and write yourself a masterpiece.

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Here’s to you living a life you love with confidence!

Loving you bigtime,


P.S. Reach out. That’s what we’re here for. Congruent Living for Seekers and Creatives is a community in which we are present with each other, and letting go of those stories that just don’t work anymore.