Magic and Money; Priorities, Abundance and You | Susan Lazar Hart

Magic and Money; Priorities, Abundance and You


Magic and Money; Priorities, Abundance and You

Fri. 27 Mar 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

I was looking around last week and asking what can I do to contribute to more ease on the planet right now,
And the download was easy…..
Why not play with Magic?

I think we already are –

China’s greenhouse gas emissions were down 25% in the last month. The skies in Wuhan are blue. The lack of boat traffic on the canals in Venice has improved the air quality and allowed the sediment in the water to settle. The water in the canals is clear and you can see fish. The carbon monoxide emissions in New York City are down 50% compared to last year this time. Let’s pay attention to what the world looks like when we prioritize the health of our communities, and, when all this is over, let’s come back to the world gently.

– the Washington State Department of Health…

What if being aware, and attentive to that awareness is the magic we truly be?

What kind of world for yourself, your community and the planet have you been asking for?

Is now the time?

Watch this related Ask Susan episode that examines Magic with Money; Priorities, Abundance and You.  This week’s question for our new Ask Susan Thursday Special comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous: Ask and you shall receive. What does it look like and feel like when you’re truly asking. All the places you stopped asking and all the fears around what it means to ask. And be willing to ask. And the fear of actually receiving what you ask for etc.  Which also ties in with these two requests to talk about: ease with instituting and actualizing stuff, as well as creative projects, business ideas and stuff beyond what I can imagine.

We explore these questions and more in this episode of Ask Susan where we talk about how willingness to be in the question, and being the question is magic; and how surrounding yourself in abundance is what creates the magic.

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