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Magical You; Magical Relationships


Magical You; Magical Relationships

Fri. 24 Apr 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Wow, has this ever been a:
* crazy;
* upside down;
* inside out;
* feels like I was run over by a truck for ten second;
* now what else can I choose;
* acknowledge, embrace and receive what I came here for and what I am doing kind of week!

How about you?
Ready for some magic?

We’re talking about Magical Relationships
Hint: magic, illusion, and our ‘dream partner’ are often coiled together from past common experiences;
These experiences then show up in our present-day exchanges – ever notice?

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Watch this related Ask Susan episode Magical You; Magical Bodies that examines how “magical” has to do with awareness, presence, listening, being in the question, playing with possibilities; and taking all of those qualities and insinuating them in every relationship.  We discuss this and more and talk about how if you are not willing to listen to you, to be aware of what your needs, wants and desires are for you, then you’re not willing to be present with you or with a relationship.

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