Mantras and Clearings and Questions, Oh My! | Susan Lazar Hart

Mantras and Clearings and Questions, Oh My!


Mantras and Clearings and Questions, Oh My!

Mon. 30 Mar 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

This week’s question for Ask Susan Sunday comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

There was one thing I thought I heard you say on Ask Susan Sunday Live
“you don’t need to clear anything.” Did I mishear you?

It’s really about choice and choosing.
If clearing creates more ease, more power, and more lightness then clear – choose for you.

Most people give the power to the mantra, the clearing, the tapping ……..
……without realizing this is just a choice not an end to a means.
……without acknowledging the potency that’s always been within themselves.

Most people look to the outside source of a clearing, without recognizing it is a resource
and your commitment to changing what isn’t working is the infinite source.

That’s what I was referring to.

The truth is the power is in you and what you desire to create,
what you are committed to creating, truly, deeply, with your future.

It’s about honoring and harnessing our own powers through our actions and commitments.
There is one universal law most of us have never been taught,
The universe rewards action.

The power is in you, not the clearing, the meditation nor the mantra.

“The world that we experience reflects our inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. The more consistent our remembrance of our true nature, the more easeful and graceful our experience of life.”
– Sangeeta Bhagwat

Nothing changes unless you CHOOSE CHANGE.
The potency is you, in your willingness to let go.
Hold onto to the rightness of what invalidates your being and you give your gift of awareness away.

Watch this related Ask Susan episode that examines Mantras and Clearings and Questions.  We explore how yes, there are clearings, mantras, meditations, tapping, dividing ourselves into numerical particles….these are all wonderful, but they are a resource, not a source.  We discuss this and more in this episode of Ask Susan where we talk about how changing your thinking doesn’t change anything, unless you are willing to choose, that is if you are not choosing greater, choosing awareness, choosing clarity.

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