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May I Have Some More, Please?


May I Have Some More, Please?

Thu. 24 Oct 2019  |  Nurturing You

May I Have Some More, Please?

So what does more mean to you?

I’ve just been working with a new client…
When I asked her,
When you go out 3 months from now,
what do you see?

The response was,

To which I asked,
What does more mean to you?

Her reply?

Me: What does joy mean to you?
Client: I want more.
Me: More what?
Client: I want more:

  • money
  • sex
  • clients
  • people coming to my classes

Me: What do you think that would create?
Client: More!

Do you get a sense how we use the word more as if it was outside of us? Something we are trying to attain?

like attracts like.
So my question would be
Are you willing to be the more you are asking for?
What does that look like, Susan?

Are you willing to be…

  • the energy of money,
  • the sensuality of sex,
  • the vulnerability that invites in clients,
  • the willingness to be seen as the expert you are in the classes you create?

I wonder what more that would create?
Have a question to ask?
Reply with #more and let me know what’s popping for you!

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With loads of love
Susan XO

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