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We are 6 months into 2022. Is there anywhere you find yourself

  • Spinning your wheels?

  • Stuck in Overwhelm?

  • Feeling Frustrated?

  • Stuck in mediocre creations?

  • Have lost trust in your intuition?

Most disappointing is that what you truly desire, thought you would have created by now, hasn’t actualized into a life you know you would truly love.

Join me LIVE on July 5th from 1pm –  2pm EST

During this power hour I’ll be introducing you to my 5 step process where we will discover

1. What’s really preventing you from realizing your dreams

2. What to do when fear shows up

3. A simple move that will help you overcome any obstacles

4. The one thing that you can change immediately that will create exponential results

5. The #1 thing that highly successful people do that creates success

Are you ready to stop struggling and start soaring?

What is it that YOU’RE longing for to be greater in your life?

I’ll show you how you can elevate your mindset and take the leap to create your own beautiful success story!

“In one hour, Susan facilitated more change and more space for me than I thought was possible. She has a laser sharp way of getting straight to the point, digging deep, and making your life a whole lot easier. It doesn’t take months of talking around the subject like others I have worked with in the past. Do it! Now! What are you waiting for?” J. Wilhelm

My Mindset Masterclass is 60 minutes, chock-full of focused processes and delicious tips to create a powerfully rewarding mindset that can help catapult you to the greatness you desire in life.

You will receive the necessary steps to transform your mindset to one that’s confident and courageous.

You’ll find the clarity you’ve been searching for, to feel more relaxed, present, at ease and empowered. To achieve all those personal and professional targets that have eluded you.

This transformational Masterclass will help you obtain the focus and energies necessary to attract and draw in what it is you truly want. Whether it’s a healthier or happier lifestyle, abundance, love – or all those beautiful elements in life.

I’ll also help you recognize and unblock those limiting beliefs that are holding you back!

You know, those nasty, negative voices we hear that convince us we “can’t” or “shouldn’t” try new things. That’s our subconscious trying to keep us safe – but also obstructing and keeping us in a personal lock-down!

If you’re tired of the same-old.. same-old and lacking adventure, fun and joy in your life, unblocking those learned beliefs is essential. We’ll talk about the reasons we fear progress and how to overcome and bound forward, to embrace exciting changes in our lives!

You’ll be amazed how fearless, fun and even easy your transformation can be!

“I have been more productive today than I have been in the last 4 months. I have accomplished a lot with my business and personal targets. Thank you Susan Lazar Hart for your talents in assisting me with bringing the greatest of me to the forefront of my life! I appreciate you so much!” Donna

By the end of my Mindset Masterclass, you’ll have the juicy tips, helpful tools, and the necessary knowledge to re-write your story – and create the exciting and beautiful happily ever after you’re looking for!


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity! Space is limited, so register now!

The secret is to also surround yourself with Like MINDED Minds!

In addition to my masterclass, I think it’s essential that we also surround ourselves with like minded transformers, motivators, and creators! It’s an added layer of encouragement and support. 

As a bonus, you’ll also receive exclusive access to my private Academy for Motivational Mindsets Facebook group. It allows you to interact with myself and my amazing community to share, ask questions and be supported by others who are focusing on building momentous mindsets.

“I highly recommend these processes and working with Susan Lazar Hart has been a really unique and memorable experience. I recommend this to every man (person) who is interested in having a transformation in his (their) life!”

S.R. Chennai


Who is Susan Lazar Hart?

Having taught and worked with thousands of clients across Canada, the US and internationally, I’m always inspired by the profound changes they’ve been able to make in their lives.

As an adventurer, author, speaker and transformational coach, I’ve always been addicted to the “What’s Nexts” in life. I love a challenge. It encourages me to grow, be present and live more consciously – appreciating every single day.

Over the years, I’ve adopted extensive skills, experience and a deep knowledge that has allowed me to attract the energies I desire. Manifesting and creating the thoughts and actions that feed my soul.

Working with my clients also feeds my soul! Helping them transform and create. Inspiring and educating them to recognize that their own value doesn’t come from the approval or acknowledgement of others – but rather the appreciation, respect and love they have for themselves.

I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity – and honour – to work with you!

See you on the 5th for this mind-blowing Mindset Masterclass!