This week, I want you to play with awareness:

– awareness of what you’re thinking

– what you’re saying

– and what you’re saying about what’s possible for you.

We wake up every morning right into the middle of the world and its noise.

As we open our eyes, we are already thinking about what needs to be done today, what’s happening outside and around us and how we feel about it, where we fell short yesterday, what mistakes we might make today, who we might disappoint by not finishing, or achieving, or by not doing enough.

We may even wake up with voices telling us we can’t do this, we can’t have this, we’re crazy to think we can *be* this.

Now, what if:

  • tomorrow morning was different?
  • you woke up with awareness? 
  • you rose watching for what IS, rather than thinking about what WON’T be?

What if you stepped right into, and stayed, in awareness of your own brilliance and possibility?

I want you to know that there is energy all around us. We do not exist in a vacuum! When you move, the air circulates around you, causing vibrations. Your steps make the ground vibrate. Your heart beating makes your body vibrate. Every word you speak delivers its own vibration. These vibrations are all around us.

What is your energy like?

There is energy in how you talk to yourself, and in the thoughts, feelings and emotions you’re having.

Wake up and listen… be aware… are you starting your day with heavy energy about what *needs* to be done, what’s standing in the way, what you *know already* will be difficult?

Or, when you listen closely, do your thoughts ring with appreciation of the snuggly warmth of your bed, gratitude for the quiet in your house (or that it’s filled with voices!)? Are you excited about that first sip of coffee or tea? Do you say, ‘thank you, body, for lifting me out of bed this morning!’? Are you filled with exuberance for all the possibilities today holds?!

What is the energy like around you? Is it heavy, fearful, reluctant, wary? Or is it excited, happy, abundant and joyful?

Are you aware of a sense of YES?

Practice awareness

I invite you to practice awareness of what you know is possible, and carry that energy with you. Carry with you all day an energy of abundance, of gratitude, of excitement.

Success breeds success. Your gift of awareness is the magnet.

Notice when the energy around you crackles with “no”…”can’t”…” never”… “not now”…“not yet”….

That energy is in the world. It’s been around us our whole lives. We are taught that we don’t know and we can’t know. That we don’t ‘have’ and we can’t have. That we aren’t and can not be.

While that energy is and will be around you, it doesn’t come FROM you.

Tomorrow, when you wake up, be present. Be aware. And know that awareness IS the gift.

Because you are playing with the gift of your awareness. The joy, creation and abundance flowing out of you is your gift to the world, coming out in your words, your thoughts and your movements.

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Susan Lazar Hart