Resistance Or Nonresistance: What Are You Creating With? | Susan Lazar Hart

Resistance Or Nonresistance: What Are You Creating With?


Resistance Or Nonresistance: What Are You Creating With?

Mon. 13 Jul 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

How have the last 4 months been for you?
* turmoil;
* clarity;
* creative juices flowing;
* reluctance;
* letting go of what isn’t relevant;
* holding onto what doesn’t create for you anymore;
* scarcity mindset;
* inviting in abundant futures;
* reaching out and connecting to your inner being, no matter what it looks like, no matter what it takes.

Is there anything you’ve become aware of that you’ve been denying about you, that you’ve never been willing to consider, yet you’ve always known would bring you joy?

Here’s what I’ve discovered while at home these past months:
Facing how you react in this reality is part of creating a new reality.
It’s not about denying your reality;
It’s not about buying into any conclusion;

Its more about the awareness that every word you utter, every thought, sensation and discovery has a specific vibration that attracts similar vibrations.

Acknowledgment is key.
I created this,
Now how is it serving me?
What can I be and do to change this?
What can I be and do to have more of this, please?

Acknowledgment is key.

So what are you saying to yourself now?
Are they resistant thoughts: complaining, weighing out pluses and minuses, not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings, not wanting to make waves, sloppy in your creations and you make up stuff about how it works.
Are they non-resistant thoughts: discovering the power of focus, taking one step at a time, bringing into the present all the thoughts and sensations of that which creates greater vibrationally, alignment what you know is greater for you now and with your future.

My question for you this week is:
Are you committed to aligning your new reality with non-resistant thoughts, your untapped source of limitless energies?

What does that create?
The power and potency of you as the leader in your own life emerging greater every day.

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