Do you find that you move through life in stages? Here at Congruent Living, we are shifting out of one chapter and into another.

When an awareness pops in that feels light and sparks change for me, I embrace it, fully ready for the next stage of my life.
I’m willing to play leapfrog with myself.

What I know for sure is when you’re willing to live in the rhythm of choice, change and living in the question, the beauty of life is truly experienced.

When I try to force a particular direction for my life, I am not only unsuccessful, I feel frustrated, stuck and totally unhappy.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?
Are you stuck in a habit or chapter that just doesn’t work for you anymore?

I think about this often as I walk in the early morning.

What and who do I love creating with?
What brings me joy?

My comfort is in knowing that the shifting out of one chapter into another will always present itself clearly if I’m willing to be in the question.

I’ve been asking for clarity on what my business, Congruent Living Coaching, is asking of me.

Although the unknown brings questions about where to plant my feet, I commit to stepping in with courage. I know that wherever my feet land is where they are meant to be.

Today, I am excited about these new chapters in my life.

Starting in September, I will be cutting back, streamlining and simplifying.
I will only be hosting one live Ask Susan a month, on the first Thursday of every month at 11:00 AM ET.
Please join us in the Congruent Living for Creatives & Seekers Facebook group.

More changes coming

There will be more changes coming with a Liars Challenge in October and a new pilot membership program called NEW BEGINNINGS, to be unveiled in November.

In the meantime?

I continue to enjoy working with my VIP Clients and Congruent Laser Coaching Clients as we head into the last of 2021 and on to 2022.

Please enjoy this past Tuesday’s Congruency Quickie filled with these self-reflecting questions from recent our Facebook peeps at Congruent Living.

They go perfectly with our theme this month: Intentional Living

1. How do I incorporate happy thoughts into challenging situations?
2. How do I discern which steps promise to lead to peace of mind in accomplishing my targets?
3. What do I use to define happiness in my life?

Remember the universe rewards action!

If these questions stir up a need for more focus and direction in your life, reach out to me. Let’s book a free exploratory call.

Your life is too precious to waste on the sidelines.

Here’s to your new joy filled, empowered life!

Big hugs,