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Looking for a dynamic, engaging, inspiring and fun speaker for an upcoming event or podcast?

Having a guest speaker at your event or on your podcast, not only benefits, informs, and provides great value to your audience, but it expands your reach! 

Having personally delivered over 500 successful presentations worldwide, I’ve motivated people across the globe with my unique blend of storytelling skills, professional experience – and of course my carefree sense of humor! 

For decades, I’ve been referred to as a transparent, one-of-a-kind transformational speaker whose enthusiasm inspires a crowd! 

Having received my professional Coaching and Counseling degree from Concordia University and my MFA from Vermont College of Norwich University, I’ve facilitated thousands of clients on their journey to become fearless leaders, build beautiful relationships and create the lives they’ve longed for. 

If you want to motivate, engage and inspire your audience, offering them exceptional value… and a lot of hearty laughs, book me for your upcoming event or podcast!  


Here's what event organizers say...

Susan inspired our audience and gave them practical tools on how to be a leader in their lives. If you’re looking for a great speaker, someone who can really inspire your audience and add some playfulness and humor in the process, Susan is definitely your woman.
George Carroll
Motivational Speaker, Founder & Creator The Greatest Year of Your Life Event
I’ve had the good fortune to have Susan speaking at three different events over the years. When you hire Susan to speak you are not simply getting a presenter. You are getting someone who has for many years facilitated energetic transformation for thousands of people! This unique gift of hers and her willingness to be totally and profoundly present creates the space for your audience to become aware in a way they may not have ever done before. Susan presents with vulnerability and joy and invites the audience to shift their perspective of who we have thought ourselves to be up until now… in order to create a higher vision of what is truly possible, a space of expansiveness. I’d highly recommend Susan if you’re looking for a speaker to inspire, elevate and entertain your group.
Kathy Basel
“Limitless: Women Rising” Speaker Series
I’ve never met anyone quite like Susan. I’ve seen her speak many times now and she never fails to transform a room with her charm, unifying the most skeptical and diverse groups through humor and her willingness to be totally present and truthful…
Danielle Cantin​
Branding & Marketing Consultant

Common Qs And A's

Q. Are you available to be a guest on my Podcast?

Absolutely! Email me with all the details including the theme or topic and I’ll get back to you and we can go from there!

Q. Are you available to speak at my event?

Tell me more! I truly enjoy speaking at live and virtual events. Email me your information about when and where and we can chat further about your event and go from there!

Tell me about your event!

I would love to hear more about your event and how we can work together. Send me a message with the details and let’s have a chat!

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