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Susan Lazar Hart

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From her enthusiasm and transparency to her unmatched ability to deliver laser focused clarity, Susan Lazar Hart knows how to inspire a crowd. A one-of-a-kind transformational speaker, Susan motivates people worldwide with her unique blend of humor and story telling skills. By pulling from her own experiences as a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, entrepreneur and friend, Susan has facilitated thousands of clients on their journey to become Fearless Leaders.

Susan is CEO of Right Relationship for You™, and the author of Fearless Leadership. She received her Professional Coaching and Counseling degree from Concordia University and her MFA from Vermont College of Norwich University. Susan has delivered over 500 presentations internationally on topics relating to leadership and relationship.

Relevant, custom presentations can be created to fit your event goals. Contact Susan today to schedule a complimentary call to see how you can book her for your next event!

    Key Takeaways Include:

    • Learn the 5 Secrets of being a Fearless Leader
    • Understand the difference between leading with authority and true leadership
    • Discover the 2 biggest excuses you use against yourself
    • Incorporate the #1 tool to access more creativity as a leader
    • Leave with an action plan to integrate what you’ve learned


    Inspiring, Funny, Dynamic, Motivating, Feel good, Fearless, Practical, Engaging, Challenged me, Made me think differently…

    Here’s what event planners are saying about Susan…

    I’ve never met anyone quite like Susan. I’ve seen her speak many times now and she never fails to transform a room with her charm, unifying the most skeptical and diverse groups through humor and her willingness to be totally present and truthful…

    Danielle Cantin
    Branding & Marketing Consultant

    Susan inspired our audience and gave them practical tools on how to be a leader in their lives. If you’re looking for a great speaker, someone who can really inspire your audience and add some playfulness and humor in the process, Susan is definitely your woman.

    George Carroll, Founder & Creator
    The Greatest Year of Your Life Event


    By teaching the fine art of leadership and relationships, Susan opens new doors for communication as a leader, both in business and in your personal life

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