Love and Gratitude

Susan Lazar Hart
Susan Lazar Hart


Inspiring, energizing, I got so much and felt so validated, supported and comfortable with Susan. Together, we explored some of my ‘beliefs’ and questioned who they really belonged to. I can’t wait to meet again and find out ‘what else is possible?’

Barb, Massachusetts USA

AH~Mazing Incredible awareness! Especially about the relationship as a drug and the disappearing…competition thing YIKES! Thank YOU so very incredibly much for ALL that YOU Contribute to CONSCIOUSNESS! I am so Grateful to be and play and joyfully override any limitation! YES.


I wanted to share with you how much fun you are to listen too. I got how important it is to BE what you want in someone else. Brilliant. In any relationship…


I’ve been listening to some of your calls and recordings, and I am so impressed. You make the tools of Access that I have been familiar with now for about 18 months, come to life.

T.M., Ireland

I have been feeling much more confident than ever before and am trying a new venture into selling a product I really love. Although I have been in sales all my life it is always hard to get courage to try new things but I am going for it. Your messages have helped a lot so please keep them coming! Thanks again!


Thank you Susan, for rocking our side of the globe with your phenomenal energy! What else is possible?


You are a great ray of sunshine. I thank God for allowing you to shine in my life. As it is written in the bible; we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Thanks for exemplifying his image. Again, thx for the knowledge. Without it, we’re wandering aimlessly through life. You are a gem for sharing. Thank You.

M.R., Florida, USA

Thank you so much for this amazing contribution! It’s so refreshing to see somebody who preaches relationships in a long, sturdy relationship themselves! What a fire starter you are!

J.G., Canada

I love what Susan does with relationship. She’s the first person I talked to about this that didn’t leave me with anything to fix about my relationship. She was in total allowance of me and what was going on and now I get to choose for me.

Anonymous, New Zealand

Your presence was stunning and captivating, a genuine testimony to who you be.  And besides all of that your delivery was absolutely masterful. Thank you for your shining example of what changes are possible! Hugh Koala bear hug!

J., Australia

The first time I had heard of Susan Lazar Hart was at the recent Facilitator’s training in Costa Rica. She presented an hour long workshop on Right Relationship for You…and I was blown away!!!! She communicated with piercing (Gary calls her ‘laser-heart’) clarity and humor…weaving in the stories of her 33 year-long relationship. The hippy and the jock…sooo funny!!! She is a stand-up comedienne extraordinaire!! She uses the Access tools of inquiry so expertly and with the integrity and authenticity of the pro that she is. I learned a lot by the example she set of no judgment and no assumption as well as how quickly she responded to the audiences’ questions. The notion of ‘deal breaker’ is very useful in the couple counseling I do. And, I could totally relate to some of the dynamics she shared in her relationship with her husband of 33 years….. not too unlike my marriage of 33 years as well. Susan Lazar Hart’s presentation was indeed a highlight of my time at Facilitator’s.


Thank you for all your great relationship “stuff” you share with the world. I love listening to you and hearing your awesome laughter!

E.J, Chiacgo, USA

I am writing to say that I truly enjoyed listening to Susan Lazar Hart speaking on dating. I especially enjoyed the meditation on bringing the future forward and imagining the next 5 years. At first I found it difficult to “imagine” as I have not dated in about 5 years-but as I did the meditation, I realized that I am absolutely worthy of finding and having a great man in my future! I especially liked Susan’s notion of thinking of “expectations” and any EX as being of the past. That really helps to stop me from getting caught in the thoughts of what has happened for me with the men in my life in the past. Thank you again for providing us with incredible powerful women to listen to and learn from! Thank you to Susan Lazar Hart for her empowering words!

E.N., Vancouver, BC, Canada

Just listened to the recording of your recent interview with Nilofer and got what you put in it when you recorded it. Very powerful stuff! Deeply touched by it.


There were a lot of physical difficulties that I came here with and there is no judgment that I have about them anymore and I haven’t experienced them in the last three days since I have been here. Susan is a fabulous facilitator. She is very very present in the class. She is present for every person that comes up to her. She has no judgment. She allows everything and every question in the class and its amazing the kind of trust that she facilitates with. She trusts that everything will show up as it is supposed to. I have just had the most amazing experience, even organizing the class for her. I am just incredibly thank full for her for coming to India and for facilitating this class and the next time she comes I am definitely attending.

A.S. Versova, India

I highly recommend theses processes and working with Susan Lazar Hart has been a really unique and memorable experience. I recommend this to every man who is interested in having a transformation in his life.

S. R. Chennai, India

I am much more aware every morning of starting a new day with my co-workers (one in particular). I lower my barriers and use so many of the tools/keys in new and freeing ways. I also have more clarity about relationships and what they truly are….


Just got in from your super sexy class. It was awesome! Thank you, I walked home tonight from your class and this man stopped me on the street just to tell me I was gorgeous…just like that…looks like some things shifted in your class! Woohoo!

D.L., Canada

Just to let you know, Susan, this week I found myself in a very toxic environment with one of my friends and immediately I thought WWSD (What Would Susan Do), needless to say it is resolved and fixed! Thank you!

M.S., Montreal, Canada

Totally loved the call! So cool too see what is possible. I’d really love to acknowledge your bravery in going wherever you know is going to create more for you and the people on your calls. Really awesome contribution!

Anonymous, USA

After being on the call, I had no idea who I was and I was able to look at my partner and actually see her, and be me with all of my sexualness and yumminess. Thank you!

B.R., New Jersey, USA

Susan, Thank you for tipping me from 25 years grieving for my mom’s death over to celebration of her life of beauty, power and love. What a choice!!! With Love, Linda

L.L., Vancouver, Canada

Susan’s ability to hone into the energy of participants was amazing and even when she was dealing with issues that belonged to others it felt like she was guiding me not only through understanding and applying each key to my own life but also giving me an awareness of how much further I could take the application of each key. Not only that but I found myself laughing and chuckling at several points – who knew such deep relationship work could be so much fun!


I remember listening to a short video clip not that long ago and it was exactly what I required to hear. Very useful for myself and my clients and have just put these questions in my phone as I get they are required shortly. Much gratitude for the contribution you be! Thank you!


All your e-mails have been such a blessing.


My name is Alex. I wasn’t sure whether to email you or not as my relationship is great. I have enjoyed being connected with you and reading your posts/classes and hangouts. I guess it’s the realization that this part of my life we have excelled at. So often we tend to overlook the things in our life that are working and that come easily to us and preferring to concentrate on what’s wrong. So this is a thank you for you and Ricky being the bright shinning light in this world that you are, and I too have recognized that my sweetie pie and me are also. Gratitude to you both.


My dad has had colon cancer and I have been so connected to him and now I can actually release that and get a space between us. It has been so great releasing that and also for my mother and my dog even! There are so many different aspects with the relationship that you can lock yourself into but this just freed up everything with Susan’s relationship class. Thank you very much Susan!


He Said: We really enjoyed your right relationship for you class. We have been married for many years and we still have a few things to work on but this certainly helps. Actually it adds a lot more fun to relationships and it takes it from being very serious to being more fun and how does it get even better than this?! She Said: Yeah it absolutely adds a lot more fun and good tools. Thank You!


I have been more productive today than I have been in the last 4 months. I have accomplished a lot with my business and personal targets. Thank You Susan Lazar Hart for your talents in assisting me with bringing the greatest of me to the forefront of my life! I appreciate you so much!


Just had a session with Susan Lazar Hart. I am so grateful to her and in awe of her massive, non-judgmental awareness! Thanks for being able to ask just the right questions to bring out the magic of me.

F.T., Canada

Susan has helped me in many areas of my life. In my relationships she helped me see what I had been doing was destructive to our relationship. She also helped me to see that I was focusing on them more than I was myself.


Whenever Susan did a money call I would always get orders from my website or unexpectedly checks in the mail. She taught me how that I didn’t have a money problem I had a receiving problem and gave me questions to say to help me learn to receive. Thank you Susan for turning my life around.


Thanks Susan Lazar Hart for the brilliant Inside with Susan Lazar Hart today. I got a beautiful awareness that all the point of views I was holding on to were not even mine. It was like “how can I forgive a person who hurt me so badly”. Every time this thought came up, something didn’t feel just quite right. It didn’t feel like me. I know that whenever I am in such a situation almost always I am not choosing consciousness. I played with the tools and questions and what came up was it wasn’t mine. Every time I said I didn’t like her or I can’t forgive her or I won’t forgive her, it was in presence of my other colleagues. I was aligning with their points of view. There is so much lightness in my universe now. So much gratitude for opening up this space.


Susan is known to be the most amazing facilitator for Relationships and I chose to play with her for a 3 day body class as I recognized that this was probably one of the most important relationships I have…the one with my body. Her humor and space of allowance adds a totally different dimension to her facilitation. Her ability to be aggressively present with every participant in the class is tremendous. Her willingness to contribute in all areas with out a hesitation is such a beautiful invitation for everyone to step into the magic of possibilities. My heart is welling up with tremendous gratitude Susan for you and everything you be. I don’t have enough words to express the awareness that you have led me toward in your tender yet aggressive way. I salute you for the space of no judgment you be. In gratitude!

B.B., India

There is one line …that you spoke in the 7 days …that has altered my reality with relationships…I wish to share with you “what if you did your relationship as you did your business”.  I just returned from attending Business 101 and it just makes SOOO much sense to me now. I am in TOTAL GRATITUDE to you for who you be, what you delivered in the classes and for this one single line…that has altered my relationship reality. Loads of HUGS !!!!!!!

Swati, New Delhi, India

I wanted to send you a BIG thank you, and tell you what a huge impact the session Gary and I had with you yesterday had for me. You are so talented at what you do!! I am now aware that what is going on with me has nothing to do with Gary. That’s huge for me, and also rather daunting at the same time. It’s a game changer, with how I function with Gary and most importantly, how I be with myself! Thank you again!