I was talking with a client the other day, and we were laughing a bit about how people always take a time out! When you’re a little kid, you’re told if you’re doing something wrong, “Time out, go sit on the bench.” Or people say, “Ugh, I am so grateful it’s the weekend, I’m taking a time out.” You know they’re going to be doing something or something will be different. They live for that time out. My question for you is, “Would you be willing to take a time in?”

One of the things I’m most aware of in this day, in this world, in this reality is where people are, it’s just like a tsunami of buy this, do this, listen to this. There’s no place for the introduction to you to be present with you. So, even when you’re asking a question, be present with that question,

Committing to time in

You know, I’m all about living in the question. The question is, “Are you willing to be present with you? Are you willing to be totally present with you?” Take a time in. Go running, walking, swimming, biking, or read that book. Whatever that is for you that changes the habit you have of always focusing on what you have to do. Are you willing to expand out and just be present with you and whatever question that you are asking? Ask from that space of space, from that space of being you. What if time in was not about escaping what you’re doing or escaping to where you want to go to?

If it was a time in, and it was just a bit being totally present with you, maybe putting your hand on your heart, getting a sense of the dimensions that you live in, how your organs are creating you in this time, in this space, in this 10 seconds, being present and grateful with appreciation … then when you go to do whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re asking to create, you’re creating from a totally different space.

Can you feel it now? Can you get a sense of that? So, my question for you is, “Time in or time out, what are you committed to? Are you committed to chasing the distractions that give you rewards for what you don’t want to be doing?”

Being present

So, if I know I want to be doing this, I’m going to get time out this weekend and do this. What if none of that was working for you? Would you be willing to be present, start your day off every day just being present with you? What is it that you are asking of you, what it is that brings you joy? How can you inseminate everything you be and do with that sense of space, with that sense of joy, with that sense of contribution, or that sense of appreciation? How do you do that? It’s a choice. Take a time in, check in with you, check in with who you be, what you be, and what you came here to be and do.

Is it matching the vibration of what you’re asking to play with, what you’re asking to create with? If not, check in with the questions I just gave you.

I’d love to have you join me in this sense of possibilities when you’re actually willing to tap into really who you came here to be, who you are being, what you are doing and how to create greater with that sense of self. If you’re saying Susan, this is actually my jam, reach out to work with me here. You know, none of us should go through anything alone where we’re just struggling. Let’s create that ease in your life and your living that you’ve been asking for.

Until we meet again, live boldly, love greatly, and be that fearless leader that you came here to be. A fearless leader is one who’s willing to be present with what it is they’re creating and ask questions from there. If you love this, share it with a friend who knows what we can create.

~Susan Lazar Hart