Using Your Awareness Instead of Life's Filters? | Susan Lazar Hart

Using Your Awareness Instead of Life’s Filters?


Using Your Awareness Instead of Life’s Filters?

Mon. 16 Mar 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you noticed a difference in the air?
No, I’m not talking about the Coronavirus.

I’m talking about your awareness of your capacities to be present with what is and what could be.
So many of you have been writing to me regarding the speed of information you are receiving just by choosing to be present and what are you to do with it.

Here’s my question for you:
What have you been asking for?
Are you asking for information or are you asking for clarity?

We all have filters:
* some are created before birth;
* some after;
* some by buying this reality as the only reality that you can function in;
* some by believing that the more information we receive the clearer we will see the future.

Not necessarily so.

How many of you are willing to ask for clarity from a space of no filters, by being present with the space of space, without time, without expectation, without significance?

What does that look like?
When we choose to be really present with ourselves and what we know, all filters fade away and what is left is clarity, possibilities, and choice.

You have the capacity to expand beyond time, dimensions and realities
To be what you require for you, for the universe
Is now the time?

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