Welcome to 2022!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The clock strikes 12
You’re celebrating this shiny new year with enthusiasm
“Yes”, “I’m in”, “We can do this”, and you’ve launched yourself into 2022.

Before you know it, it’s the day after, the week after, the month after those New Year’s voices
you’ve turned your back on the future you’ve been asking for, and find yourself resorting to old traits and behaviors.

As bizarre as it sounds, often when we get closest to the actions that match the vibrations of what we’re asking for, we step back into what’s familiar:

  • You wanted it but you don’t believe it’s possible now;
  • It’s not your fault, other people are cutting you off from the source of your brilliance;
  • You’ve decided that book, that class, that creation that seemed so bright and shiny New Year’s Eve just isn’t perfect enough to share with others.
    (spoiler alert – there’s no such thing as perfect).


How to get beyond those psychological familiar roadblocks?

Reach beyond the voices in your head.
No matter how uncomfortable it gets, create something new for you today.

New environments give you a new perspective.
Unique experiences cause you to ask new questions.
Different desires are created within you every day.

This is where creation occurs. Not from the tried and true but from the infinite well of creativity that lies within you.
Ask yourself today:
What would you truly like to create in this next year of life

Remember, in the absence of designing your life with strategies for success, you just may end up destroying what truly brings you joy.


What if 2022 is the year you choose to live by design, not by default?

What does it take?

Courage to:

  • let go of the old habits of fear and doubt
  • acknowledge that you control your own destiny
  • have the power within you to make the changes you are asking for from the inside out
  • have the life you want, need and desire

The truth is
We are creative source energy beings.
You may think you’re cut off from source when you’re not being courageous.
Source is always here.

It’s just about letting it out!

Once you get used to this awareness,
that what you are creating is within you and all around you.
You begin to know:

  • who you are;
  • the power of your thoughts;
  • the process that you require to be with your creations.

January on Congruent Living is all about living with clarity and courage.

Stay tuned for more juicy Congruency Quickies and a new workshop I’m cooking up for you this month:
Creating with Courage and Clarity for 2022

So, Happy New Year to you!

Here’s to a brilliant new year of living a life you love that loves you back

Big hugs,

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