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What are You Listening For?


What are You Listening For?

Wed. 12 Feb 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Have you ever thought about what you’re listening for when you ask a question?

Are you looking for:
* validation;
* foreseeable consequences;
* someone to agree with you;
* a backup plan;
* that you are right;
* that you are wrong;
* something else?

How many of us ask a question expecting the answer we want, or better yet…
Have you already decided what you need to hear?

I love this question that came in on Ask Susan this week:

Hi Susan,
How do I know when I ask a question with some conclusion/ the wanted answer in it?

Hi Ingrid,
I would ask you:
What are you listening for?
If you are listening for someone to agree with the answer or conclusion that you are looking for – that is not a question. That’s a resource for validation.

A true question empowers both the listener and the one who is asking.
Asking a question invites in endless possibilities providing chose for both yourself and any listeners.
Doesn’t feel light?
Ask a different question, play with a different possibility.
A true question expands your awareness of what you are asking for and the choices that have been created

My next question for you would be:
Are you asking with an open heart?
When you ask a question with an open heart there is no judgment, no expectation, no projection…
There is you, your curiosity and a future filled with possibilities.

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