What Can You Create When You Let Go? | Susan Lazar Hart

What Can You Create When You Let Go?


What Can You Create When You Let Go?

Sat. 6 Apr 2019  |  Ask Susan

How many times do you get caught in the trap of believing that creating has to be seen as being creative when really creating involves every aspect of our lives?

For me, creating means expanding the horizons in all areas of life and living: relationships, possibilities, opportunities, discovering and exploring more and more about… my business, my life, and my choices!

What else is truly possible?

Creating never stops no matter where you are…

Ask for what you desire
Be in allowance of what shows up
Acknowledge your brilliance no matter what it looks like
Go ahead appreciate the strength you have and are and always ask for more!

If there was no conclusion about what you were choosing… What would you create?

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