Have you given a thought to 2021? What changes are you looking forward to?

Anything you need to clear out, clean up or prepare for by the time that ball hits the ground in Times Square, New York on December 31st?

Why wait till December 31st?

To be perfectly honest, I’m asking December right now, what she requires of me to pre-pave the way for 2021?


When I first meet up with a client I’ll ask them to go out 6 months from now and get a sense of what it is they are asking for.

Then, we bring those asks into the present and start to chunk them down into doable steps, all the while creating with the future they’re asking for.

I remember Grace, a client who came to me wanting to move out of her relationship and shifted  her priority to creating her own dress business. This gave her the freedom to choose to play with her future without having to depend on anyone else emotionally or financially. Pre-paving gives you choices you didn’t know you had. When you stay stuck within a problem, it’s hard to see what else is possible

When you take an aerial view of everything you are desiring in your life, present and future, you have the space to dive into what you truly desire, chunk it down into doable priorities, and  plant seeds or pre-pave your future.

Each one of us has different desires and dreams for our present and future selves.

The important thing is to be gut honest with yourself as to what truly makes your heart sing.

Pre-paving isn’t about mentally forcing outcomes, it’s about letting the universe know you are here , creating with the present as you keep your eye on the targets you’re  asking to create within the future.

And asking everyday upon waking:

What’s required of me today to pre-pave my way so my life is full of little jewels that bring me joy and closer to what I’m asking for.

I work with people who realize their unfulfilled dreams and desires are impacting their success.

I work with people to understand how to utilize their gifts and talents as we strategize how to achieve that dream that hasn’t been fulfilled.

If this sounds like you, please reach out to me now 

Together we’ll explore what’s really stopping you.

Let’s not wait till 2021 to make your dreams come true.

Loving you big time,