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What Do You Use A Question For?


What Do You Use A Question For?

Mon. 11 Nov 2019  |  Nurturing You

What Do You Use A Question For?

Have you noticed recently how many people are talking about what asking a question creates?

Friends of mine have just put out a video on that exact subject and another friend created a Q and A titled,
“What’s a question?”

It must be in the air…
So I thought,
why not have some fun with this?

Her: Do you think asking questions can be fun?
Him: Depends on what you expect, I guess.

Her: Didn’t you hear me? I was asking you a question.
Him: Oh, I thought you just wanted me to answer your question with “Okay.”

In the interest of science
I’ve put up this question in the
Ask Susan Facebook group:
What do you use a question for?

Would you do me a favor?
Take a second or two right now
and tell me what pops for you
when I ask that.
Either reply right here with #question
or pop into the Ask Susan Facebook group with this link:

I’m going to use all the responses
as a jumping-off point for this week’s
Ask Susan Sunday Live.

You might also want to watch this related Ask Susan episode that asks, “Are Your Questions Working For You?”

C’mon over and let’s get this party started!

With loads of love
Susan XO

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