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What Does a Clean Slate Mean To You?


What Does a Clean Slate Mean To You?

Tue. 17 Dec 2019  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

Last week, a person who had been working with me for 30 years retired.
This is someone who took care of my house while I was traveling, looked after ‘my stuff’, was aware of what was needed to make my life run smoothly and
it did!
And now she has moved on to different adventures.

At first, I asked myself How can I accomplish everything on this slate all at once?
Notice there’s no question there.
It was then that I realized that I now have the possibility not to reinvent this slate, but to be in the question, create, expand out and ask
What’s greater here for me?
What is my future asking of me?

The gift of her leaving has turned out to be an adventure in discovering what I actually require, for me, for us, now.
Turns out not as much as I thought I did.
There is that slate again – re-creating or starting fresh, that’s the challenge.

What I had come to depend on was an investment in taking care of what doesn’t require to be taken care of anymore.
Silly me!

Often when we view our slate as being completely full, we forget that having a clean slate is up to us. It’s not about other people’s demands or expectation. Our slate is just that, ours to create with our choice, our desires.

How much do we do that in our life, our relationships, our business?

So I’m loading up and letting go of:
*bags of stuff that don’t work anymore (we call that garbage in this house);
*boxes of books;
*piles of clothes;
*bags of electronic toys and plugs (oh c’mon, we all have those drawers).

and guess what?
I feel lighter by the day.

How much energy and money are you expending on what or who isn’t relevant anymore?  Clean that slate!
And this is the perfect time of year – clean it up and clear it out.

FYI: Where did the phrase clean slate come from?

Clean slate comes from the slate boards used in schools. The expression is used figuratively from the mid. 19th century. A fresh start; another chance after wiping out old offenses or debts.

What would a clean slate mean to you?

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