There’s so much charge on the word trust, so many belief systems with the word trust, and so many places and spaces we can go with the word trust, with the energy of trust. 

Trust your knowing

There’s a whole thing about trust and knowing. The willingness to be present with you, what it is that you require, and trust you. You know, one of the biggest things we have never been taught is to trust our knowing, who we be, what would be, what we’re choosing.

You know, oftentimes when people say, “Well, prove to me that you’re right.” Well, I just know. I’m not right, I’m not wrong, I just know. There’s a knowing here that’s innately where your trust stems from. Innately, that’s where the blossoming and breeding and growing of trust comes from. It’s the knowing that you know. And we’re going to step into that. 

So, my challenge for you until we meet again is to write down for yourself, “What does trust mean to you and what does trust not mean to you?” I’m going to let you play with that for a while. 

You know, somebody will say, “Well, this person took advantage of me. I trusted this person.” It’s about stepping into knowing who you truly be. That’s really what trust is about. Trusting in the whispers of awareness, that sense of awareness is what’s required, what’s desired, and where are you in all of this. 

Misusing the word trust

We often misuse the word trust. As in, “I’m not taking any more responsibility for me anymore, I’m giving it all to you. In giving you my money, I trusted you with my money and I’m giving you my heart, I trusted you with my heart. I’m giving you …” Does this sound familiar at all? 

It’s that space and place in which we relinquish our knowing. That’s where the word trust has a bad rep. ‘Cause we use it against ourselves and we use it against everyone else. 

Dig deeper with me

If you want to dig deeper, you can always connect with me. I want to hear from you. If the life you’re living, your desires, your joy, isn’t what you thought it would be, contact me. Let’s change it. That’s what congruent living is all about, it’s about living in harmony with who and what you came here to be. Click here to discover your congruent energies.

Live boldly, love greatly. Be that fearless leader that you came here to be. ‘Cause the world needs more of you and that special sauce, that special knowing that only you have.

~Susan Lazar Hart