So, my question for you is, what if resistance wasn’t the enemy? When I’m working with clients, we often come up to here’s something new to try. And then they go into a resistance. I go into resistance.
There’s something recently that I’ve been working with. And then I got a no for it. I went into resistance and I was like, “Whoa, stop, stop, stop the madness.” What is it that I’m resisting here? Just like that.
Ask yourself what is it that you’re resisting? Then you get these awarenesses.
So, what if resistance wasn’t the enemy everywhere? You’re waiting to stop feeling resistant. Would you be willing to let that go?

Because when you refuse creation, you’re actually letting the universe know you’re in ambiguity. Now, ambiguity is the enemy of creation.

When you refuse to choose you put your life on snooze.

So, the getting out of that feeling of “I’m stuck” actually requires action. It requires choice.
Choose, create. Staying in resistance to what you’ve already decided will happen or won’t happen doesn’t create anything greater.

It actually lets the universe know you’re not in, you got no skin in the game. When you choose, you’ve got skin in the game, just choose! See what that creates.

Resistance is not the enemy

“What am I resisting?”
Here is a great question for you to start playing with.

Bizarre as it may sound, resistance feels safe. It’s something we know. It’s something comfortable.
Well, I know if I resist this, I’ll have the same outcome as I always have. I know if I resist this, I’m actually not open to the endless possibilities that the universe has for me.

So resistance keeps you “safe”.
It also keeps you safe from creation. Is that really what you’re asking for?

If you’re a seeker and a creative and are interested in playing with congruent living, this is the one you want to read again and again and again.

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And if you love this, share it, spread the joy. How many people are waiting for the “feeling” of resistance to go away?
Well, choose.

When you refuse to choose you put your life on snooze.

I appreciate you all. I love you! Have an amazing day! Live boldly, live greatly love boldly, and be that fearless leader that you came here to be because the world needs more of you and that special sauce!

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-Susan Lazar Hart