How creative are you being when you buy your own story as real and true? In other words, what’s the story that you’re telling yourself?  Do you start each day in wonderment, energized by the possibilities of what this day will create? Or, are you dragging yourself down a rabbit hole with everything you should have, should be creating, that you’re not! Do you go through your day buying somebody else’s story of what is true for you? Believe it or not, it’s all creative…because we make it all up! What if none of it was true or real? Some would say I have a lot on my plate right now. I am serving my clients, writing a book, and participating in a 12-month mastermind in creating greater with marketing.  And then, this pops for me: “Now’s the time to paint!” Almost immediately, the thought of “Susan, are you crazy? You have all this stuff to do!” rises up. But I knew that was not my story. I know to follow the tug of what brings me joy, what creates greater happiness for me, because in the end, whatever that means for you, I’m being congruent. When I’m in that creative mode, gifting myself, everything else comes through with ease.

What is the story that you’re writing for you?

So, my question for you is: What is the story that you’re writing for you? Ask yourself, is it:
  • Creative?
  • Ongoing?
  • Exploratory?
  • Nurturing?
Or, have you bought into a story that someone else has written for you, telling you what you should be doing? What if what is true for you and you alone, actually creates greater?  What kind of story have you been writing for you?  Is it creating greater or lesser? If you’re stuck in your story of why your life isn’t working for you, reach out to me. I’ll be glad to have a chat. I look forward to getting to know you. Truthfully, I’ve been where you are and know what else is possible. Live boldly, love greatly, and be that fearless leader you came here to be because the world needs more of you and that special story that only you have! Loving you big time, Susan P.S. Feel free to pop in anytime and pick a favourite from our YouTube channel, Ask Susan TV. Leave a comment, like and share it. I’ve gathered the juiciest ones to support your creative day in every way!