What was your first step? Have you ever noticed when a baby takes its first steps it totters, falls down and tries again?  Eventually, after enough tries, the child succeeds in moving forward, one actionable step at a time. Baby steps…  That’s what I’m all about these days.  One step, then another, interspersed with curiosity, questions, acknowledgement and appreciation. 
  • What are my priorities today? 
  • What do I need to be aware of? 
  • Is there something I can let go of today? 
  • Which step will bring me closer to my vision? 
Having a sense of my priorities allows me to stay on track and complete my tasks easily without undue stress. With each step, I feel a sense of accomplishment as part of my plan is completed.

Stepping towards your vision

How do you move towards that vision that you’ve chosen?  Think of it this way… Your vision is made up of a set of priorities.  Take some time for you.  Sit quietly with your vision of what you are asking to create.  Write down ten actionable steps.  Divide those into tasks.  Ask which one of these is tugging at you to be completed.  That then becomes your priority. These priorities remind you of the action steps you need to take at each point.  Checking in on your priorities each day enables you to push extraneous concerns aside and achieve success. 

One step at a time

When you bump up against a barrier, simply repeat this to yourself and let me know what this shift in thinking creates for you. I look forward to hearing from you. “I complete one step at a time and move on to the next with ease. As I complete one task at a time, I am able to build movement toward my vision  When stress threatens, I can rely on my priorities to help me chase it away.  Since my tasks have already been laid out for me, I simply forge on, confident that my actions will move me closer to my vision.   Today I will complete my tasks more easily, knowing that I am fully capable of great things. By working with my priorities, I can disregard my worries and focus on completing my tasks”.  Remember:  Where your attention goes is where your energy grows.

What do you desire to create with your life?

What vision are you asking to grow? That was a question I asked a client this week. After replying that she couldn’t tap into the vision of what she desired, we discovered she did in fact have a vision of what she wanted for her life.  The reality was she had been told as a young child that  she was a dreamer so she put her needs, wants and desires to the side while she took care of everyone else. Are you having a hard time realizing what you truly desire to create with your life? Reach out to me today. Let’s discover that first step together with a complimentary strategy session. Because your life is too precious to waste it on the sidelines of your dreams. Big hugs, P.S. Whenever you’re ready…here are 3 ways I can help you expand your life: 1) Listen to this week’s Congruency Quickie. Once a week on Wednesdays, I drop cutting edge information and strategies relating to success mindset, mindfulness, being the leader in your life and relationships. 2) Join other like-minded Seekers and Creatives in my Congruent Living Facebook group! Allow us to be a place to share ideas, get advice and meet others who value joy, clarity and growth! 3) Work with me PRIVATELY to take you from reaction to action in creating a joy filled and successful life you love.  Book a complimentary strategy session with me today