Could this be you?
I can’t tell you how many clients approach me during our exploratory sessions with this awareness.

Susan, I feel totally paralyzed. I am asking to create greater and yet I’m constantly procrastinating with what I say I’m going to do.

How do I know if what I’m choosing is the right thing?
Will it create what I want?
Will it work?
What if  it doesn’t work?
I just can’t seem to commit to anything for very long.

Notice how none of those are questions.

They really are projections, expectations and judgemental forecasts all rolled into one.

The truth is, we can’t protect ourselves or our creations from what we’ve decided the future may or may not have in store for us.

We can however align with the energies of what will create the greatest amount of possibilities.

Tap in

How can we do that?

By tapping into the present moment.

First of all give yourself the gift of honoring you;
Step away from all distractions;
Breath deeply;
Quiet down the monkey mind;
Release all obligations;
Be quiet from within.

Tune in, tap in and turn on to the energy of what brings you joy.
Feel it, bring that emotion into your body, allow it to swirl  through your entire system, breathe it in and be with it.

Ask those emotions and those energies to inform you as you ask this question:

What is it that I’m asking to create that matches these energies, that brings me joy?

Step into that awareness.

That’s your first step.
No matter what it looks like, no matter what it takes,
choose it!

If just for these ten seconds…

You can always add in another ten, and another ten.

Remember the universe rewards action!

If reading these tools and tips stirs up a need for more Susan, reach out to me. Let’s book in an exploratory call!
I wonder what we can create to change what isn’t working into something far greater.

Live boldly, love greatly, and be that fearless leader that you came here to be because the world needs more of you and that special sauce that only you have.

Here’s to your joy filled, empowered life!

Big hugs,