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What’s Stopping You From Change?


What’s Stopping You From Change?

Mon. 15 Jul 2019  |  Nurturing You

What's Stopping You From Change?

Have you ever noticed how some people have a really hard time adapting to change?
Even if it’s the change they’ve been asking for?

The truth is…

We are always creating
We are always changing

So why are we so afraid to let go?
In most traditional approaches to change there is no room for gratitude, appreciation or simply creating beyond this reality.

Magic creations? Hell no!

It’s all about schedules, achievements, stats, and barometers of change.

Gratitude, appreciation, and change
What do they have to do with each other?

Well, you actually have to change your mindset, your point of view about the value of you in order to appreciate what you are creating.

How many of us have been told time and again you’re just not grateful, meaning I’m judging you by your reaction of what I have been doing for you, what I have been giving you or told you I’m going to do for you, and I want to see gratitude and appreciation when I give this to you.

And you better not change!

Talk about convoluted!
Yet how often do we buy someone else’s reactions to how we are as if their reaction was the barometer to the amount of change we will allow ourselves?

So who have you decided you have to change yourself for?
What about you?
Where are you in all of this?

When was the last time you stopped and appreciated what you are creating no matter what it looks like, no matter what it takes?

Change, gratitude, and acknowledgment are not “things” you squeeze into your life…
And it’s not about getting rid of anything before you can change.
How many of us have put our futures on hold while we comb through what isn’t working, judging the heck out of it and ourselves?

Where’s the appreciation…

  • for what you are creating,
  • for hanging in there,
  • for asking What’s greater here for me
  • for knowing that there is so much more available and possible?

Let it go…
Let it flow…

It’s about letting go of the thoughts and judgments that get in the way of you being who you truly are, of what you are asking to change for you and the world.

Gratitude, Change, and Appreciation

It’s a different way of being.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 
? Albert Einstein

With loads of love
Susan XO

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