The topic today is “Where do you fit in the choices you’re making?” I know so many people are saying, “I’m home and I’m choosing, or we’re going to be finished, so I’ve got to choose something else or I’m living my life for somebody else, I don’t have any choice for me.” Whoa, take a breath.

True choice creates

Every time you choose, if it doesn’t feel right, there’s something there, there’s information there for you. You know, when you choose something and you think, “Yes, I’m having this,” everything unfolds, the universe meets you where you are and it’s joyful. It’s not necessarily comfortable. Where you’re going is creating what you’re asking for. True choice creates! When you bump up against something and you feel, I’m choosing this and it’s actually not working out for me, stop and ask yourself, “Did I include me in this choice? Where do I fit in, in this choice?” If it doesn’t fit like a glove with your choice, ask yourself, “Who am I choosing this for?”

What have I decided this choice is going to create that it actually isn’t? What other choices do I have? Choice is every 10 seconds. Choice creates awareness.

Fitting into your choice

Play with the questions I’ve just asked you here. Do you fit into the choices you’re choosing, the choices you’re making? If you don’t, step back and take an aerial view and ask yourself, “So who am I choosing this for? What’s the value of me not fitting into this choice?”

And another question could be, “Are you trying to recreate yourself for someone’s choice of how you should be fitting into their lives?” Valentine’s day is coming up. This could be a good question to ask yourself if it’s not light, there’s something there. If the energy isn’t light, there’s information there. Be with that information. That’s my challenge for you with this congruent living quickie, take the time to be with this information. Choice creates. Choice creates awareness. What are you aware of with the questions that I’ve just presented you with?

Congruent living is about being present with everything you be and do. So there’s nothing incongruent with how you’re creating. It’s the choices that you’re making that create the congruent living, the sense of, “Ah, yeah, this is how I want my life.” Does that sound like more fun than what you’re creating? 

Join me in the Congruent Living Facebook group. Live boldly, love greatly, and be that fearless leader that you came here to be because the world needs more of you and what you’re doing. Not less. Bye-bye.

~Susan Lazar Hart