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Whose Lane Are YOU Playing In?


Whose Lane Are YOU Playing In?

Mon. 25 Nov 2019  |  Nurturing You

Are You Loving You?

Did you ever wander through a book store and come across just what you required to remind yourself that you are not alone on this path we call life?

That’s what I was doing the other day, flipping through a pile of books to see which one was calling me when I came across this quote from Oprah in ‘The Path Made Clear’:
Find your lane. Make space for
the flow to show itself. Follow
the natural rhythm of your life,
and you will discover a force
far greater than your own

Just what I needed to sit with.
I’ve been asking about my lane recently and the voice I have been playing with.
The same voice that rings true when I’m not trying to copy someone else’s way of doing or being.
The same voice that urges me on when I make space for those creative juices within to show themselves to me.
The same voice that lives in the question of what and how I am creating and the fluidity of it all.

What about you?
Is your voice in your lane?
How’s it working for you?
Reply with #lane and let me know.
I always love hearing from you!

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With enormous love
Susan XO

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