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Whose List Are You Listening To?


Whose List Are You Listening To?

Mon. 4 Nov 2019  |  Nurturing You

Whose List Are You Listening To?

What’s your list?
Or should I say,
What’s on your list?
Have you noticed recently
there is a tendency in the air
to go through a list
of everything that’s not working when asked a simple question like,
“What’s up?”

Be it politics, the weather, body shape, business, money flows, climate change, or relationships,
there’s always a list
of what isn’t working,
of where you are trapped,
of what is just stuck.

And the same people that carry around that list
are the same people that keep asking,
“What’s it gonna take to change this?”

Here’s the deal…

What you tell yourself is what you get –
Good, bad, or indifferent;
Surprises, exuberance, whispers of awareness.

Stay with me now…
How do you want to create with your life?
You have choices!

If you choose to create with a list of fears and stories
and live by them as if they’re real and true,
creating with possibilities will
never come through.

You’ve actually trapped yourself by your list of what’s not working.

On the other hand,
if you let your list go,
ask a question,
and listen to the possibilities…

you will align yourself with the universe:
ever changing,
ever growing,
ever infinite
and create with gratitude and acknowledgement.

So what’s it gonna be?
Create with a new possibility?
Or hold onto that old list that’s keeping you stuck?

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Let me know what’s popping for you.

With loads of love
Susan XO

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