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Your Commitment To This Reality


Your Commitment To This Reality

Sat. 24 Oct 2020  |  Ask Susan  |  Nurturing You

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How you ever felt like shouting, “Stop the world, I want to get off!”

This morning I answered a call from a client who was feeling exactly that kind of frustration at her workplace.

She said, “I’m completely and utterly fed up with the incompetence of people around me. They’re draining the life source out of me and sucking up everyone’s time and energy.”

And so I asked her, “What reality are you committed to?” Because she (and you) do have choice.

You can commit to making that reality real of anger, rage and frustration by aligning with those energies as if they were greater than you.


You can commit to creating a totally different reality. One in which you’re creating with energies that work for you, regardless of any one else’s point of view.

The truth is that how we see our realities matches the energies of what we agree to. In other words, your point of view, or the way you choose to see the world no matter how big or how small, creates your reality.

And in the end you commit to whatever validates your point of view.

If you have a point of view that something is always awful, that’s the reality you will find.

It’s simply a choice in how you choose to see the world.

So the next time you’re feeling really off and it feels like you’re at the end of your emotional tether.

Ask yourself this question: Whose reality am I committing to?
You just might surprise yourself with the answer.

I’m the person you come to when you desire clarity on what you want to create next and how you want to create it.

Let’s chat and discover what reality you’ve been committing to that actually doesn’t contribute to you and the life you’re asking to create.

Together we’ll explore what’s really stopping you.

Big Hugs
Susan XO